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Greenalia’s new 24 MW wind farm in Spain, Touriñan III-2, now in public exhibition phase

  • Touriñán III-2 wind farm, with 5 wind turbines, is projected in A Estrada, Cuntis and Campo Lameiro, municipalities in Pontevedra (Galicia, Spain)
  • The Wind Farm (WF), with an execution budget of 22 million, will supply clean energy to power the equivalent of 26,500 households and prevent the emission of almost 300,000 tonnes of CO2

Greenalia advances in its pipeline development in Spain. With today’s DOG publication of a new wind farm, 24 MW Touriñán III-2, in the province of Pontevedra, specifically in the municipalities of A Estrada, Cuntis and Campo Lameiro, it takes another step in its pipeline development strategy.

Touriñán III-2 WF is composed of 5 wind turbines, three of them with a unit power of 5 MW, 90 meters high and 145 meter rotor diameters, while the other two are 84 meters high and 132 meter rotor diameter and a 5 MW unit power, limiting the power of one of them for a total installed power of 24 MW. The project will have a 22 million euros execution budget and is expected to mobilize over 100 jobs.

The WF will have an annual production of 92,786 MWh/year, the equivalent of the consumption of 26,500 families and the reduction of 34,330 tons of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

The area where the Touriñán III-2 Wind Farm and its evacuation infrastructure will be located is outside protected areas included in the Galician Network of Protected Areas or the Natura 2000 Network, including proposals for its expansion. Areas protected by international instruments and IBAs (Important Bird Areas) have also been excluded, as well as priority areas for breeding, feeding, dispersal and local bird concentration.

The project contemplates a small affection to hardwood tree vegetation during the execution phase, so once that phase is finished, the plantation is established with native species in the area in twice the surface of what is affected, so that not only that space is revegetated, but also some currently degraded.

About cultural and landscape heritage, the studies conclude the viability and compatibility of the wind farm with the environment.

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