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Greenalia’s new wind farm receives approval in Spain, Gato, with a capacity of 25.2 MW

Greenalia has obtained the preliminary administrative and construction authorization for a new wind farm located in Galicia (Spain), the Gato wind farm, with an installed capacity of 25.2 MW. With this new step, the company advances in the implementation of its wind pipeline.

The wind farm, planned for the municipalities of Aranga, Coirós and Oza-Cesuras (A Coruña), is expected to require an investment over than 20 million euros and the creation of 100 jobs. To these amounts will be added the corresponding contributions to be made to the owners by way of rent and to the town councils by way of taxes and duties.

Its annual production will be 75,490 MWh, equivalent to the annual consumption of 21,000 households. Its commissioning will avoid the emission of 27,900 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere.

This authorization comes after the corresponding Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) favorable to this facility, after Greenalia incorporated various corrective measures in the project to better adapt it to the environment. These machines will have a hub height of 170 meters and a rotor diameter of 115.

Another of the measures introduced refers to the area of cultural heritage, specifically the conservation of the Monte Gato necropolis. Thus, the project includes changes in the layout of roads to avoid passing close to this archaeological area, while a project will be carried out to enhance the value of this tomb complex. This action will include mechanisms for the protection, dissemination and enhancement of the site and its surroundings.

Likewise, for the accesses, priority will be given to the use of the existing paths and the rocky areas will be avoided.

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