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Greenalia´s volunteers organize a clean-up and join the challenge against “littered nature”

  • The team visited Miñón Wind Farm (WF), connected in 2019, and cleaned up the surrounding areas
  • The volunteers also verified the good evolution of the almost 50 specimens of Macaronesian fern that were transplanted during the WF construction process

Greenalia’s volunteers join the challenge against littered nature. With the aim of reducing existing waste in natural areas and green areas, part of the team has moved this morning to the surroundings areas of the Miñón WF (Vimianzo, A Coruña) to clean-up remains that visitors and others threw into the mountain.

This action, led by a group of Greenalia’s volunteers, is part of the company’s CSR policy that gives continuity to another series of environmental actions, among which the protection projects of native species such as the centaurea ultreiae and the Macaronesian fern (Dryopteris Guanchica) stand out.

In fact, today’s initiative has been carried out near the area in which this last unique species of fern is present, for which Greenalia has launched a special protection program that began with the transplantation of almost fifty specimens located around the wind farm and which will continue with a repopulation project in the environment once new spores are obtained.

In the area of Costa da Morte Greenalia also has the project of protection of the flower centaurea ultreia, a work that it carries out in collaboration with the Center of Lourizán and the USC and that began more than a year ago making a first diagnosis of the number of existing specimens.

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