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Greenalia provides over 1 GW of green energy to Spain’s electro-intensive industry through PPAs

  • The agreements signed in the last quarter by the renewable energy company with Alcoa and Showa Denko seek to ensure supply at a fixed price for these electro-intensive companies, which will improve their competitiveness
  • To this end, the green energy producer based in A Coruña will commission different wind farms in the Autonomous Region and through them invest over 1,000 million euros, dynamize employment and the local economies

In the last quarter, Greenalia has signed two PPAs (with Alcoa and Showa Denko) to supply green energy to the industrial facilities of these companies in the Galician Autonomous Region, at a key moment for the electro-intensive industries and other large consumers that need to guarantee a reduction in prices and greater stability of their energy costs in the medium and long term.

In the case of Alcoa, the contract includes the supply of energy from renewable sources for Alcoa’s Aluminium Smelter in San Cibrao (Cervo, Lugo) from 2024 until the end of 2033. To assume this commitment, in terms of time and amount of energy to be supplied, Greenalia has selected 29 projects, all of them with grid access and connection in Galicia, with a total capacity of 924 MW. Pursuant to this agreement, the supplying facilities have been designated considering evacuation nodes, which limits the environmental impact and commissioning times.

For its part, in the contract with the Japanese Multinational for its industrial facilities in Galicia, Greenalia will supply part of the energy produced in the Orzar and Tornado Wind Farms. These developments are planned in the municipalities of Carballo, Val do Dubra, Tordoia and Trazo. With a capacity of 123 MW, these facilities will result in a competitiveness improvement of Show Denko’s electro-intensive activity.

For the implementation of these projects, Greenalia foresees an investment of over 1,000 million euros, while also mobilizing over 4,000 jobs and dynamizing the local economy.

With these agreements, Greenalia once again shows its commitment to the territory, a roadmap in which it considers that the involvement of all administrations (local, regional and state) will be necessary so that these projects serve as a driving lever for economic recovery and for the energy transition.

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