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Siroco; Tramontana wind farms in Spain, with an investment of over 110 millions, will produce the equivalent to the annual consumption of 140,000 homes

  • The facilities, promoted by Greenalia, will be located in the municipalities of Cerdedo-Cotobade, Forcarei and Silleda
  • Its construction and start-up will mobilize more than 1,300 jobs in the surrounding areas and provide 1.9 million euros to the set of municipalities through taxes and fees, which figure will be added to the amounts as leases

The Galician renewable energy company Greenalia will develop its Siroco and Tramontana wind farms, two projects that with their corresponding evacuation lines, will have an investment of more than 110 million euros. Both will amount to 134 MW and will produce sufficient energy to supply the equivalent of an annual consumption of 140,000 homes. These two facilities, after the publication today in the Official State Gazette, begin the period in which information on their Environmental Impact Study (EIS), preliminary administrative authorization and statement of public use is made available to the public.

The Siroco PE of 61.6 MW will be located in the municipalities of Cerdedo-Cotobade and Forcarei. With a production capacity of 249,486 MWh/year, it will be comprised of 11 wind turbines of 5.6 MW each, with a hub height of 105 meters and a diameter of 150 meters.

For its part, the Tramontana project of 72.8 MW is located between the districts of Forcarei, Silleda, Cerdedo-Cotobade and Beariz, where a substation will be established. With 13 wind turbines of the same technical characteristics as the above, it will have a production capacity of 257.328 MWh/year.

The farms, whose construction projects, once approved, are foreseen to exceed and mobilize more than 1,300 jobs in their construction phase, will provide 1.9 million euros to the set of municipalities through taxes and fees, which figure will be added to the amounts as leases to the landowners, whether individuals or woodland communities.

The implementation areas of both facilities are outside of the Galician Network of Protected Spaces and the Natura 2000 Network, including the area contained within the latter’s Extension Proposal. The development area does not include any IBAs (Important Bird Areas), any priority areas for reproduction, feeding, dispersal, nor do they affect areas included within any Biosphere Reserve nor those of interest in terms of landscapes.

The environmental impact study shows that there is no negative impact on the habitats during the exploration phase, and as for the archaeological and cultural heritage report, corrective measures are established in order to guarantee adequate protection and preservation of the elements detected as cultural heritage.

In any case, it is important to remember that the project is still in the initial application phase, so, as we have been doing in all our projects, and as we have made known to the mayors of these city councils, the projects will be adapted according to any environmental and heritage recommendations that may come from the various administrations in their respective reports, and in parallel, ensuring the utmost social consensus and respect for the environment.

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