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Vaqueira wind farm of 12,6 MW and over 8 million euros investment begins public information permitting phase in Spain

  • With this development in the Northwest of Spain, Greenalia gains ground in its strategic pipeline objectives and contributes to the decarbonization process in Europe

Greenalia is making progress in the permitting processing of its wind projects within its European pipeline. Thus, after the publication today in the DOG (Galicia’s Official Gazette), 12,6 MW Vaqueira Wind Farm, with over 8 million euros in investment, begins the process of public exposure, along with its Environmental Impact Study  (EIA)  and  the sectorial project. In its construction and start-up phases the project will mobilize 125 jobs in the area and contribute around 300,000 euros to the municipal coffers through taxes and fees.

As stated in the Project brief, this facility will be composed of three wind turbines with a 4,2 MW unit power, a 112 meters hub height and a 136 meters rotor diameter. Once in operation, this Wind Farm will have 57,120 MWh/year estimated net production from renewable sources, the equivalent of the energy consumption of 13,500 homes.

To select the wind farm location, the company has excluded areas in the Galician Network of Protected Areas, Natura 2000 Network, including the existing extension system. The implantation area is also outside the IBA (Important Bird Area) and the priority areas of reproduction, feeding, dispersal and local concentration of birds. As for the areas included in the Galician catalogue of wetlands, in location of the wind farm there is not present.

Regarding the landscape, after the studies carried out and included in the brief object of the public exposition, it is concluded that the Wind Farm is compatible with the elements defined in the Galicia’s Landscapes Catalogue since no route included in this document is located less than 15 kilometers.

As for the possible impact on avifauna, it is considered low, given that the area of influence does not present a special ornithological interest, there is no specific migratory corridor, nor any other risk generating situation. In addition, the technical improvements that the wind turbines will incorporate reduce significantly the probability of collision, in the case of bird passage.

The project also includes the corresponding archaeological study, which concludes the compatibility of the Wind Farm with the existing archaeological heritage in the area of influence.

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